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A free message board service for the Internet and Wireless devices. Use text messaging to get your message to its destination quickly and automatically!

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If this is your first visit, you will need to sign-up as a user. This requires that you chose a user name and a
user password. These are your keys to accessing any of the other Message Board functions. Once you are
signed up as a user, you can log-in and create a board of your own, or become a member of an existing board if
you have been given the member password from the board owner.

If you chose to create your own board, you will need to specify two additional passwords for this board:
a member password and an owner password. We will modify the owner password and send you the modified version
to your email address. You should not share this owner password with anyone, as this allows you to modify your
message board and to post messages to it. However, you will need to provide the member password to others
as a means of granting them access to the messages on your message board.


Thanks for using The Socker Fan Message Board. The Socker Fan makes no warranties or guarantees
regarding the collection, distribution, or persistence of the messages on any message board. Questions
and comments can be directed to The Socker Fan at

The owner of each message board is soley responsible for the messages posted to the board and access to those
messages. The Socker Fan provides this message board for the expressed purpose of communicating sports related
information only and reserves the right to remove any message or message board it deems in violation of this purpose.