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When you click on the General Access Menu link below, you have access to the Game Schedule page from the Game Schedule link.

If you are a referee, you may sign-up to referee a game that is currently open. If you are a linesperson, you may also sign-up for an open game. This requires a user name and password (For our demonstration, a temporary user name and password will be provided to you when needed).

First, use the Game Schedule page to find the desired game or games. Be sure that the word open appears beneath the REF heading if you are reserving a game as a referee; or assure that the word open appears beneath the LINE heading if you are reserving the game as a linesperson. When you have decided on the game in which you wish to participate, click on the   RESERVATIONS    button near the upper right of the Game Schedule page.

A new window (called the Referee Assignment window) will appear that allows you to enter a user name, password, and game number, as well as your desire to be either a referee or a linesperson for that game. You may then submit the information by pressing the   Assign Me!   button. Within a few seconds, you will receive a message indicating the status of your request.

If you need help, take a few minutes to review the more detailed instructions for using this program. These instructions are available by clicking on the   INSTRUCTIONS   button on the Game Schedule Page.

You can then return here by clicking the browser BACK button, where you will find other features of the program.

Take time to try all the links below for a tour of the program features!

General Access Tools
General Access Menu

Administrator Level Tools
Administrator Menu    (For this demo, username = admin and password = secure)

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